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We are pleased to present over 1,000 Ketubahs by more than 90 artists.  If its variety you are looking for, why not dive into our whole collection. If you are short on time or in search of something unique and flexible, check out our Signature Collection Ketubahs; you won't find these anywhere else. Either way, explore our gallery - by price, by artistic theme, by color, by text - and find the Ketubah which fits your wedding and your home perfectly. Traditional, modern, vibrant, understated: if you can dream it up, you can find it here.

Betsy Teutsch

Artist Image - Betsy Teutsch
Betsy Teutsch

Betsy Platkin Teutsch’s Ketubot are the outcome of her groundbreaking creativity and preeminent lettering, and influenced by her wide-ranging Judaic knowledge. Teutsch is famous for her captivating Ketubot, ceremonial objects, and book illustrations. Her art in Michael Strassfeld’s classic The Jewish Holidays is widely admired, and her coarthored Encyclopedia of Jewish Symbols has become an indispensable reference for Jewish artists. Teutsch is proud to announce that in honor of each Ketubah lithograph purchases she will contribute to Danny Siegel’s Ziv Tzedakah Fund, which sponsors individuals and programs offering direct services to those i...more