Ketubahs Personalized to Perfection

Cycles of Life Personalized Papercut-Purple NAMES

Make your ketubah one-of-a-kind with a Personalized Ketubah. There are so many ways to make your ketubah uniquely yours and makes it easier than ever! This customized detail weaves within the design, whether it’s a modern swirl or a Judaica traditional style. Classic Monogram The Timeless & Classic Monogram Ketubah includes your initials within […]

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Couple Costumes for Purim 2017

Purim Couple Costumes for 2017 (2)

For years you think of Purim costumes that would be perfect – if only you had that partner. Now that you’ve found them we want to help you out with our top 5 ideas for couples costumes from TV and movies for 2017! These costumes can easily be put together with the right outfits or a quick […]

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Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold

All The Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold (1)

You might remember Smash Mouth’s hit All Star lyrics, “And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold,” and never thought that it could describe Jewish marriage contracts. But we do! Gold is a classic and elegant touch to any wedding, like Rustic Wedding Chic’s 15 Stunning Gold Wedding Ideas, and your ketubah can continue […]

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Wedding Invitations That Match Your Ketubah

Infinity of Love invitation

Michelle Rummel’s ketubahs have been among our most popular ketubahs for the past 19 years and now she brings us her invitation collection. The invitations infuse the same beauty and water colors that couples love. It’s amazing when you finally decide on a ketubah to use for your wedding. Then you realize that you’ve fallen […]

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