Branches Ketubah by Stephanie Caplan -

Branches Ketubah

Artist: Stephanie Caplan

Based on the dense and traditional designs in medieval books, and perfect for a spring wedding.

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Dimensions: 1111

Medium: Giclée

Personalization Method:

  • Seamlessly printed digital calligraphy
  • Personalization proof provided

Please note:

  • This artist charges a rush fee of $25 for orders placed under 3 weeks from wedding date, $50 for under 2 weeks, $75 for under 1.5 weeks, and $100 for under 1 week
  • If you are having an Orthodox rabbi perform your ceremony, be sure to have him look at the Hebrew calligraphy itself here before going any further. Some will not allow you to use it as it’s a non-traditional style


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Time to Door  1 to 2 Weeks

Stephanie Caplan

Stephanie Caplan is a calligrapher, painter, illuminator and weaver. She has a strong Conservative Jewish background, including summers at camp Ramah. Stephanie studied most religions in depth while pursuing her degree in Comparative Religion at Barnard College of Columbia University some years ago, and has continued her study on her own since. Stephanie believes in a Judaism that is functional and personal. She has found that one of the best ways to integrate this philosophy into her life is to make Ketubot, for in doing so she brings beauty into her own life as well as the life of the couple using the Ketubah.



Based on the dense and traditional designs in medieval books, and perfect for a spring wedding.


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With prices starting at $100, there’s a Ketubah for every budget.  Designs with a single $ are our most reasonably priced.  Two $’s means moderate price. Looking for something really unique, check out our Premium Ketubahs ($$$).


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We highly recommend consulting with your wedding officiant before selecting a Ketubah text. Many rabbis, cantors and officiants prefer or require a certain type of text. If you are placing your order online, you can print up a copy of your Ketubah text from our website. Should you order with us by phone, we will fax or email you a copy of your Ketubah text. No matter how you order, we definitely suggest you forward the text to your wedding officiant. This small pre-wedding task will save you from any concern o...[more]