Joyful Embrace Ketubah

Artist: Marina Pinto Miller

Derived from “Heute Noch” aria from the Coffee Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach circa 1734.

Signature Collection
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Dimensions: 1111

Medium: Giclée

Personalization Method:

  • Seamlessly printed in digital calligraphy
  • Text proof provided

Special Features:

  • Available on canvas
  • Available in four sizes
  • Inexpensive

Please note:

  • Budget size fits a standard picture frame
  • Personalization option is recommended for Budget size due to the small text size

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Time to Door  1 to 2 Weeks

Marina Pinto Miller

Artist Marina Pinto Miller Ph.D. has been painting music, exhibiting and selling her work for almost a decade to people in all walks of life, as well as musicians and composers. Marina’s work has appeared on CD covers, in an award winning CBC television program and also hangs in homes in Europe and Canada. She has been invited to show and is listed at The Saatchi Gallery Online, one of the busiest and most prestigious art sites on the web.


Joyful Embrace

Derived from “Heute Noch” aria from the Coffee Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach circa 1734.


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