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Jul 2

Ketubah of the Day

Chai (Weis) Ketubah

by Susan Weis

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Ketubah Description

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The text is in the shape of the Hebrew word Chai which means Life. This Ketubah is a true celebration of life and love. It is adorned with a myriad of biblical flowers and is surrounded by one of the seven benedictions recited during the wedding celebration. Its translation is May you be as happy as the primordial couple in the Garden of Eden.

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Susan Fischer Weis received her B.A. from Adelphi University in 1979. Graduating Suma Cum Laude, she majored in art and graphic design. In 1983, she began her work in the field of Judaic graphic art. Originally, Susan pioneered and specialized in egalitarian, non traditional Ketubot. Susan is also the art teacher for the Trocki Hebrew Academy, a Jewish day school in her community. Her combined art skills and Judaic knowledge have created a wonderful, integrated curriculum for grades K-8. Susan Fischer Weis resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children.