Meet the Artist

Veronique Jonas

Veronique Jonas (nee Soriano) was born in Lubumbashi, Zaire, presently the Republic of Congo. She has a B.A. from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Veronique now resides in Dallas, Texas. She taught art to students of the Solomon Schechter Academy of Dallas for 18 years. Veronique is primarily a Judaic artist working in oils and watercolo...more

  • Hamsa Prayer for Bride and Groom - Silver Leaf
  • Garden of Love (Jonas)
  • My Beloved is Mine
  • The Fabrics of Our Lives
  • The Eternal Knot

Danny Azoulay

Daniel Azoulay is a well reputed and prize-winning Jerusalem artist. Born in Morocco, Daniel grew up in the northern Galilee town of Qiryat Shmona, and studied in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Art Academy. In his art, the landscapes of Daniel's childhood are combined with Jewish symbolism, artistic and architectural motifs from Europe, Morocco and Israe...more

  • Azure Papercut
  • Antique Lace Papercut
  • Chantilly Papercut
  • Jerusalem Gate Papercut
  • Orchard Heirloom Papercut

Judith Joseph

Judith Joseph has been making ketubot since the revival of the art form in the early 1970’s. She has made over 450 original, hand-lettered and hand-painted, personalized ketubot. She has a degree in art from the University of Wisconsin and has twice been awarded Artists’ Fellowship Awards from the Illinois Arts Council. She is a published illustra...more

  • Blue Forest
  • Blue Forest - Stretched Canvas
  • Blue Forest - 3D Version
  • Glowing Love
  • Earth - Sapphire

Orly Lauffer

Orly Lauffer was born in Israel, in the Mediterranean port city of Haifa. Orly’s work, strongly influenced by Islamic and Persian motifs, resonates with her Moroccan ancestry. Indicative of Orly’s style is the emphasis on minute details and intricate border work that is reminiscent of Arabesques. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, Orly has customed design...more

Lee Loebman

Lee Loebman has been producing Judaic artwork since the mid-1980s when, as a design student, he was asked to create a Ketubah for his brother’s wedding. Since then he has created hundreds of Ketubot for clients in the United States, Britain and Israel. Lee’s vibrant and colorful style weaves the thread of Jewish imagery into modern design to create...more

  • Stained Glass: Champagne
  • Stained Glass
  • Seven Species - Gold Leaf
  • Wedding Gate Papercut - Grey
  • A Beautiful Day