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May 9, 2016
Loving Connections Ketubah at Brewery & Beachside Jewish Wedding

Alexis & Jason’s destination wedding perfectly combined meaningful Jewish tradition with laid back fun! View Article

May 9, 2016
Sasson Papercut Ketubah at a Modern Jewish Wedding

Meghan and Dave, who reside in New York, chose to have an intimate ceremony in Connecticut. View Article

April 11, 2016
Outdoorsy Arizona Estate Real Wedding

Jesse & Eric had an October wedding in Chandler, Arizona and chose Adam Rhine's Chalom Tikkun Olam Ketubah. See all the wedding details! View Article

January 27, 2016
Same-Sex Ketubahs to Celebrate Your Wedding

With gay marriage officially legalized throughout the United States, it’s the perfect time to find or design your ketubah. Read more:
View Article

November 25, 2015
Jewish Wedding at Westchester’s Ritz-Carlton

Mazel tov to Ryan and Madely! They chose our "Celestial Vision Ketubah" available only at View Article

October 16, 2015
Eclectic Modern Jewish Wedding Blends Wedding Styles Together

Mazel tov Caitlin & Levi! They chose Mickie Caspi's "Song of Love Ketubah" from View Article

October 16, 2015
Quilting Maven’s Modern Jewish Wedding at La Costa

Mazel tov Julie & Lawrence! They chose "Written in the Stars Ketubah" from, by Nava Shoham. View Article

April 11, 2016
Geek Chic DIY Wedding

Sarah and Alex chose our Dove's Song Ketubah. Mazel tov! See their full wedding feature on The Modern Jewish Wedding. View Article

September 9, 2015
Modern Orthodox Jewish Wedding in Florida

Mazel tov Shira & Yoni! They chose Lee Loebman's "Seven Species Ketubah" featured on Mazel Moments View Article

October 1, 2015
Lilly & Sean’s Enchanted-Forest Wedding on a Rooftop in NYC

Mazel tov Lilly & Sean! They chose "Glowing Love Ketubah" by Judith Joseph featured on Martha Stewart View Article

September 9, 2015
Marco Beach Ocean Resort Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Jenny & Josh! They chose "Double Happiness - Water Ketubah" by Michelle Rummel featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

September 9, 2015
Elegant New Jersey Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Jayme & Jason! They chose "Love's Mosaic - Emerald and Amethyst Ketubah" by Robert Saslow featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding. View Article

September 9, 2015
Sunflowers and Seafaring Jewish Wedding at Annapolis Marriott Waterfront, Maryland, USA

Mazel tov Jenna & Jeff! They chose Michelle Rummel's "Sea of Love Ketubah" featured on Smashing the Glass View Article

September 11, 2015 in Jewish Woman Magazine

Check us out in JWI (Jewish Woman Magazine)'s Summer edition to get informed and inspired! View Article

March 17, 2016
Tuscan Themed Jewish Wedding Chose A Ketubah

Biana and John chose's "Gingko Spiral - Gold Ketubah" for their Tuscan themed Jewish wedding in Florida, featured on Inside Weddings. View Article

November 16, 2015
Instagram Contest with The Modern Jewish Wedding

Have a friend who might like $50 off their ketubah? Tag them in our instagram contest with See all the rules here: View Article

September 24, 2015
Elegant Mountain Destination Modern Jewish Wedding

Grace & Jonathan chose Robert Saslow's "Love's Mosaic: Sapphire and Amethyst Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

October 1, 2015
Leah & Judah’s Israeli Wedding

Leah and Judah chose our "Four Seasons (Kraft) Ketubah" featured on MyDay Wedding Blog. View Article

February 14, 2011
Christians Embrace a Jewish Wedding Tradition

In a San Antonio chapel last August, after reciting their wedding vows and exchanging their rings, Sally and Mark Austin prepared to receive communion for the first time as husband and wife. Just before they did, their minister asked them to sign a document. It was a ketubah, a traditional Jewish marriage contract. View Article

September 17, 2015
Backyard Santa Barbara Wedding

This couple chose Mickie Caspi's Arbor Ketubah from us featured on Style Me Pretty View Article

September 9, 2015
Vintage-Chic, Rustic Outdoor Wedding

Mazel tov Magda & Eric! They chose "Love Is No Illusion Ketubah" by Susanne McGinnis. Check out the full feature on Smashing the Glass View Article

September 9, 2015
Extrodinary Gay Jewish Wedding with the couple arriving on a Unicorn in Los Angeles, US

Mazel tov Danny & Aaron! They chose Robert Saslow's "Endless Moments (Gold) Ketubah" featured on Smashing the Glass View Article

September 9, 2015
Chic Modern Russian Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Sonia & Sasha! They chose Nava Shoham's "Written in the Stars Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

October 1, 2015
A Traditional Outdoor Destination Wedding in Lake Como, Italy

Mazel tov Amanda & Douglas! They chose "I am My Beloved's Vertical Ketubah" by Michelle Rummel featured on Martha Stewart View Article

October 1, 2015
A Formal Wedding At Home in California

Mazel tov Annie & Robby! They chose Danny Azoulay's "Chantilly Papercut Ketubah" available on Look through the full feature on Martha Stewart View Article

September 2, 2015
Secret Garden Jewish Wedding in Israel

Mazel tov to Deborah & Alex! They chose Ruth Stern Warzecha's "Gefen Papercut - Autumn Ketubah". See the full feature on Smashing The Glass View Article

September 2, 2015
Elegant Modern Jewish Wedding at Historic Grand Venue

Mazel tov to Erin & Bradley! They chose Robert Saslow's "Love's Mosaic Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

October 1, 2015
Hanna & Jimm's Outdoor Fall Wedding in the Hudson Valley

Mazel tov Hanna & Jimm! They chose "Hamburg (Germany), 1678 Ketubah" from our Jewish Museum Collection, featured on Martha Stewart
View Article

September 17, 2015
Real Wedding | New Jersey Wedding

This gorgeous couple chose Robert Saslow's Love's Mosaic: Sapphire and Amethyst Ketubah from us, featured on Style Me Pretty View Article

October 1, 2015
Hanna & Bret's Colorful Seattle Wedding

Mazel tov Hanna & Bret! They got their ketubah from us, featured on Martha Stewart View Article

September 17, 2015
The Crosby Wedding on Style Me Pretty

The Crosby couple chose Ruth Stern Warzecha's Gefen Papercut - Winter from our Signature Collection featured on Style Me Pretty View Article

September 9, 2015
Colorado Destination Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Robyn & Jason! They chose Nava Shoham's "Chamsa II Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding. View Article

September 9, 2015
Atlanta Elegant Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Mallory & Elliot! They chose Nava Shoham's "Chamsa II" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

September 9, 2015
Elegant New Jersey Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Stacy & Brad! They chose Susanne McGinnis' "Romanza Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding. View Article

September 17, 2015
Adeline & Grace Photography Wedding on Style Me Pretty

This fun couple chose Love's Mosaic: Emerald and Jade Ketubah by Robert Saslow featured on Style Me Pretty View Article

September 9, 2015
Santa Barbara Destination Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Alexa & Joshua! They chose "Senigallia (Italy), 1837 Ketubah" from our Jewish Museum Collection. See the full feature on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

August 7, 2013
Gay Ketubah Offerings Let Same-Sex Couples Enjoy Jewish Marriage Tradition

Mel Matulsky and Tad Berman, who are engaged to be married later this month in Palm Springs, Calif., have been hitting the refresh button on UPS's website for the last week. View Article

September 9, 2015
Massachusetts Modern Jewish Wedding from Tobin Photography

Mazel Tov Rachel & Benjamin! They chose Jessica Kraft's "Forest Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

September 9, 2015
Palm Springs Chic Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Kasey & Brian! They chose Robert Saslow's "Ebb and Flow Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

September 9, 2015
Long Island Elegant Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Jaymie & Brad! They chose Jessica Kraft's "Four Seasons Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

April 22, 2012
Choosing an Interfaith Ketubah

Historically, the ketubah was a legal document that certified that a Jewish marriage had taken place. The text of ketubot (plural of ketubah) stayed largely the same for centuries. View Article

September 9, 2015
Lonesome Valley Destination Modern Jewish Wedding

Mazel tov Jillian & Jonathan! They chose Michelle Rummel's "Simply Two Rings - Lapis Blue Ketubah" featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding. View Article

June 25, 2013
Real Weddings | Los Angeles, CA

See which Ketubah Becky and Eric chose for their Jewish wedding on The Wedding Yentas. View Article

June 25, 2013
Traditional Jewish Wedding With A Party Vibe

Lindsay and David’s traditional Jewish wedding added unexpected surprises when the fun-loving couple decided to get married on St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston, SC. View Article

May 21, 2013
Elegant New Jersey Modern Jewish Wedding

The large wedding party all decked out in black and white helped create the very elegant look. Everything about this Jewish Wedding says, “Luxury!” View Article

May 13, 2013
Tropical Getaway – A Destination Jewish Wedding in Costa Rica

The Big Apple is one exciting city, but it can be tough to relax with so much going on. Sara and BJ traded their city skyscrapers for sunny tropics for their January Jewish Wedding in Costa Rica. View Article

March 5, 2013
Real Weddings | Costa Rica

Sara & BJ are both busy lawyers in the heart of Manhattan. They wanted to let their hair down, relax, and dance the night away with their nearest and dearest for the big day. View Article

March 14, 2013
Real Weddings | North Garden, VA

Laura and Matt’s winery wedding was inspired by the dark, rich tones of fall and the desire for a casual, elegant atmosphere. View Article

February 11, 2013
Colorful Fall Vista West Ranch Wedding

A few years ago, we wrote, “Jeffrey and Julia Woods are to weddings… what LOVE is to marriage. A team. A fusion of style, emotion and tradition … with hearts full of passion.” View Article

January 17, 2013
Warrenton, Virginia Modern Jewish Wedding from Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Shoshanna & David are a very Modern Jewish Couple! View Article

January 24, 2013
2013 Ketubah Trends from

What is one thing that bonds you, Kate Middleton & Chelsea Clinton? You will all have ketubahs! View Article

January 3, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Kyle, TX

Diego first spoke to Becky with the soundtrack of a bar fight playing behind them. Irony makes for the best stories! It just goes to show, you can meet your love anywhere. View Article

May 23, 2012
Fun with Ketubahs! (New World Wedding Blog by Rachel Deitsch)

My friends at Wedding Yenta and (they have been selling my work for eons) have posted a fun little article about choosing a ketubah and one of my pieces was featured- fun! View Article

May 23, 2012 Plays: Name That Ketubah! is probably one of the first places a couple browses while searching for their perfect Ketubah. has a fabulous selection of all different kinds of art. View Article

January 17, 2012
Review of by

Looking for a one-stop shop for all your Jewish Wedding needs?, proudly advertised as North America’s #1 Ketubah provider, has an incredible selection of Ketubot– over 900 works of art by over 80 artists! We couldn’t believe a number so high, but makes it easy... View Article

January 12, 2012
Ellen & Julian | Married – Delta Hotel Richmond/ Vancouver, Canada Jewish Wedding from Wink Photography

This is the second time this week we’ve been able to feature a photographer’s first Jewish wedding! View Article

March 7, 2012
Washingtonville Wedding by Ulysses Photography

Up first in our pretty parade is a warm and cozy Washingtonville affair that is here to remind us just why we L.O.V.E winter weddings. View Article

April 19, 2012
Austin, TX Modern Jewish Wedding from SMS Photography

We love all weddings! But, we especially love the wedding submissions we receive from vendors who we know and admire! View Article

May 1, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Buffalo, NY

They met at a bar. I know, likely story, but sometimes it works out. It did for Sarah & Matt. View Article

May 2, 2012
A Real Chicago, IL from Modern Jewish Wedding

We love this couple Molly & Marc, who we introduced to you yesterday via their Save the Date Engagement Story Video. View Article

May 7, 2012
Orlando Jewish Wedding Ideas: The Elegant Real Wedding of Debbie & Larry at Temple Israel

Faye Novick, Just Marry!‘s Jewish wedding planning specialist, had the pleasure of coordinating the wedding of Debbie and Larry in early February. View Article

May 8, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Lincoln Center, MA

Anna’s goal was to do something really incredible, but keep the wedding on a tight budget. See how she made this Jewish wedding work! View Article

June 9, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Granada Hills, CA

Gideon and Elisha are such a fun and playful couple, and it shows in their wedding photos. Have a look to see it all and which ketubah they chose! View Article

June 12, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Austin, TX

Drew and Mike grew up together and now they’re growing old together. But beautifully grow old together. This is one good looking bride-and-groom duo. View Article

June 26, 2012
Chicago Orthodox Jewish Wedding From Joshua Albanese Photography

Mazel Tov to Kathy & Jason who were married in an Orthodox ceremony this past March. View Article

July 10, 2012
Emily and Adam: Portola Valley, California

Emily and Adam's Indian-Jewish fusion wedding was filled-to-the-brim with radiant color. Emily and Adam married outdoors under a chuppah, on a lovely and warm California day in May. View Article

July 11, 2012
Traditional Fall Jewish Wedding

Kimberly and Joshua’s traditional Jewish wedding took place October 30, 2011, at Heska Amuna Synagogue in Knoxville, Tennessee. View Article

July 16, 2012
Destination South Carolina Modern Jewish Wedding from Richard Bell Photography

Amy & Aaron planned a Modern Jewish destination wedding so their friends and family could celebrate the whole weekend with them. They had a comfortable, casual wedding with an undertone of elegance. View Article

July 30, 2012
Miriam and Michael | Schloss-Grafenegg, Vienna, Austria

This truly one of a kind wedding comes to us from Claire Morgan, an award winning photographer based in Vienna. View Article

August 1, 2012
Destination Jewish Wedding from Zenobia Studios

Marjorie & Bradley are from Florida and had a seaside destination wedding in Newport, Rhode Island at the Castle Hill Inn this past spring. View Article

August 7, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Saratoga Springs, NY

Meredith and Dan had a really beautiful interfaith ceremony just outside of the Gideon Putnam Hotel in Saratoga Springs. View Article

August 21, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Richmond, VA

Lauren and Harrison created a warm and inviting wedding ceremony and reception: it warmed the hearts of all who attended and invited them all into their new lives as husband and wife. View Article

August 29, 2012
Real Jewish Wedding, Newport RI

This seaside Rhode Island Jewish wedding of Marj & Brad knocks out all the stuffiness, focusing on fun, family, and celebrating with loved ones. View Article

August 29, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Skokie, IL

Jason and Kathy’s ceremony was rich with tradition, beginning with the Kabbalat Panim, the pre-nuptial receptions for men and women. View Article

September 25, 2012
Real Jewish Weddings | Kansas City, MO

Caety and Matt enjoyed a wedding day full of simple beauty. See all the details in the Wedding Yentas full feature. View Article

October 2, 2012
Vermont Modern Jewish Wedding from Polis Photography

Can you tell it’s Fall? October is here and with it the fabulous crisp weather that is neither to hot nor to cold. View Article

October 21, 2012
Jewish Wedding Traditions in Joyful and Romantic Photos

The Ketubah is the sacred Jewish marriage contract, and Colin and I signed it in an intimate room right before the actual wedding ceremony. View Article

November 6, 2012
Real Weddings | Marina del Rey, CA

Eric and Jennifer were supposed to be on a plane for a Birthright trip together, but Jen had to start a new job and they wouldn’t allow her to take time off! Read the rest of this happy couple's story here: View Article

November 8, 2012
Real Wedding | Marcy & Todd, Chicago IL

Marcy & Todd’s summer Chicago wedding at the now famous venue, the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago (the same place as President & First Lady Obama!) put all the right pieces together! Fabulous weather, an amazing photographer, a glowing bride and groom and fun all around! View Article

February 22, 2011
Real Weddings | Fallbrook, CA

The secret to Lindsey and Jody’s bond is simple, sports! The now newlyweds met while attending the University of Arizona, where both were working at KOLD Channel 13 News in the sports department. View Article

June 28, 2011
Real Weddings | Jacksonville, FL

Ilana and Bobby clicked when they met on JDate. They said they both knew it was love at first sight! See their full wedding here. View Article

June 28, 2011
Mary + Nathan’s Beautiful Papercut Ketubah

The couple, Mary and Nathan, had a stunning papercut ketubah (Jewish marriage contract) and I couldn’t resist sharing this particular detail here on OSBP. View Article

July 5, 2011
4th of July Real Wedding

See which ketubah this couple chose for their July 4th Real Modern Jewish Wedding View Article

September 6, 2011
Real Weddings | Pasadena, CA

Erin and Jared’s wedding day was filled with meaning and details that were significant to them, and they wanted to share the importance of those elements with their friends and families. View Article

September 27, 2011
Real Weddings | Saint Augustine, FL

Cute boy + cute girl = true love. That’s simple addition, but Melissa needed a little extra help with the harder college math and lucky for her, she had a great tutor who would also someday become her husband. View Article

May 11, 2010
Creative Contracts

Here's a lovely idea: Win a Ketubah! If you're Jewish, you probably know what a Ketubah is (it's a traditional marriage contract) that the bridal couple signs in the rabbi's study. View Article

May 11, 2010
Enter to win a free Ketubah from

The largest online retailer of the traditional Jewish marriage contract is giving away one free Ketubah each week for 14 weeks in honor of their fourteenth anniversary. The contest starts today and goes through August 18th. Winners will be announced weekly on the Facebook page... View Article

May 12, 2010 – Celebratory Giveaway

I am so enamored by Ketubahs and have been since my very first encounter. For those of you who may not be familiar, a Ketubah is essentially a marriage contract between a husband and wife – a tradition among Hebrew marriages dating back to ancient times... View Article

May 25, 2010
Ketubah Sweepstakes at

In honor of their 14th anniversary, and also to shine some light on the transition to their new name is holding a weekly Ketubah drawing for the next 14 weeks. View Article

June 15, 2010
Real Weddings | Los Angeles, CA

Lauren thought she knew when Graeme was going to propose, but Graeme was determined to surprise her. See how on The Wedding Yentas. View Article

June 14, 2010 marries religion and artwork

Michael Shapiro knows a lot about happily-ever-afters. The Toronto resident has helped thousands of couples begin their married lives... View Article

July 25, 2010
Listen to Michael Shapiro, featured regularly on the Zelda Show on CHIN AM and FM

View Article

July 1, 2010
Get It In Writing

Of all the beautiful remembrances of their wedding day the one many couples treasure most is their ketubah. Read the full article here: View Article

July 15, 2010
It's Blogging Time Again (Queens Times pg. 4)

Have you ever heard of a ketubah? No, it’s not a variation of a brass instrument. A ketubah is a Jewish marriage certificate surrounded by artwork. I met Michael Shapiro at the GLBT Expo in Manhattan. View Article

June 3, 2010 Celebrates 14 Years with Contest

It’s official! Ketubah Ketubah, is marking its 14th anniversary with a name change. The innovative online ketubah company ( will now be known as, says company founder and president Michael Shapiro. View Article

July 13, 2010
Real Wedding | Austin, TX

Here’s a wedding filled with love the size of Texas that chose one of our Ketubahs! View Article

September 23, 2010
Real Weddings | Milwaukee, WI

We’re happy to present a fresh, Labor Day Weekend wedding! It was a gorgeous day with so many stylized touches. View Article

November 2, 2010
Real Wedding | Sharon, MA

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Heather and Adrian met while working at the same company in New York City, see their full wedding here! View Article

November 9, 2010
Real Wedding | Somis, CA

Dave is a drummer in the L.A. rock band Fight From Above and is an extroverted, creative and funny guy. See what Ketubah they got from us here: View Article

October 6, 2009
Aspen Weddings by James Christianson, II

Check out this ridiculously gorgeous wedding that the fabulous James Christianson photographed out in Aspen, Colorado. View Article Images

For downloadable version, please contact or call 1-888-528-8224

Blue Forest
Judith Joseph
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Veronique Jonas
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Love's Mosaic: Lapis and Emerald
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Embracing Trees
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