3D Ketubahs

Created with layers for a multidimensional piece of art

Three-dimensional Ketubahs are the newest thing here at
Ketubah.com! These Ketubahs will amaze you in person as they
lift right off the page, literally. The details of the design are
heightened with depth and intricacy. A
three-dimensional Ketubah magnifies the
beauty of the artwork, which you will enjoy
for years to come.

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3D Ketubahs are not your everyday Ketubah

Ketubahs have always stood the test of time,
but now they come to life in a whole new way.

With this layering technique, your Ketubah will be unique like no other. You will hardly be able to wait to display these Ketubahs in your home. You will truly see your Ketubah design come to life from every angle in the room.

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Cut with precision for a beautiful effect

Each print is precision cut to bring you the best
highest quality multidimensional Ketubah

Four separate copies of the artwork are created. Each layer is cut with extreme precision and attention to detail to create four intricate and distinct levels. A special adhesive and foam boarding is used to separate the pieces, creating a layered, multidimensional effect.

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Your 3D Ketubah is a snap to sign

These 3D Ketubahs are designed
to be signed without any difficulty.

Even though the 3D Ketubahs are layered, they are very easy to sign. The top layers lift up as one piece, allowing the bottom text layer to be signed without any obstruction. All the layers are attached from the top, so after the signing the Ketubah can be easily displayed.

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3D KETUBAH samples

Four Seasons (Kraft) - 3D Version Ketubah Blue Forest - 3D Version Ketubah Four Seasons (Kraft) - 3D Version Ketubah Blue Forest - 3D Version Ketubah