Ketubah Artists Help You Choose Your Ketubah

Ketubah artists’ advice is as unique as their pieces of artwork. Choosing a ketubah can be overwhelming with so many designs! So we’ve continued to ask ketubah artists what their #1 piece of advice to engaged couples is. Ami Fagin How the Shopping Experience Has Changed “The ketubah industry has gone through an explosion of […]

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Ketubahs Personalized to Perfection

Make your ketubah one-of-a-kind with a Personalized Ketubah. There are so many ways to make your ketubah uniquely yours and makes it easier than ever! This customized detail weaves within the design, whether it’s a modern swirl or a Judaica traditional style. Classic Monogram The Timeless & Classic Monogram Ketubah includes your initials within […]

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Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold

You might remember Smash Mouth’s hit All Star lyrics, “And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold,” and never thought that it could describe Jewish marriage contracts. But we do! Gold is a classic and elegant touch to any wedding, like Rustic Wedding Chic’s 15 Stunning Gold Wedding Ideas, and your ketubah can continue […]

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