Understanding The Ketubah Text And Facts You Didn’t Know

Including the ketubah in any Jewish wedding has become standard, but you should understand what exactly it is and was in its original purpose. Better understanding the meaning of the ketubah will get you more excited to include it in your wedding and best update and personalize your ketubah text (with your officiant’s approval) so that […]

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5 Things To Know About Sephardi Ketubah Text

Jews come from all different places and backgrounds, most falling between two main denominations; Ashkenaz, from Eastern Europe, and Sephardic, from Spain and Portugal. These two groups have many distinct religious customary differences, one of which is the content of their traditional ketubah texts as well as the way they are filled out. This has […]

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Picking The Best Ketubah For Your Jewish Wedding

Lin & Jirsa Photography featuring The Glowing Love Ketubah

Finding the right ketubah can be harder than finding the groom! The buying process can overwhelm even the most organized bride. We’ve got the insider’s guide with expert advice to help you find the right ketubah for your Jewish wedding and home that is truly your soulmate. Prioritize Your Preferences Just like planning your wedding […]

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