Ketubah Paper Stock Choices Explained by The Experts

groom signing love is no illusion ketubah
From bride Magda and photography by Supanit signing Love Is No Illusion Ketubah

Ketubahs come in all shapes, sizes and designs, but you should also be offered a variety of high-quality and long-lasting print stock as well. That’s why we’ve created this breakdown of the best kinds of paper and canvas and how to decide which one is right for you.

Paper Perfect

Simply Two Rings - Lapis Blue Ketubah from Real Wedding
From The Modern Jewish Wedding featuring Simply Two Rings – Lapis Blue Ketubah

Ketubahs should be printed on fine art, 100% cotton fiber content, acid-free, pH-neutral paper so that your ketubah can last a lifetime. This thick and texturized paper is meant for art work to appear clear with a matte finish and remain luminous forever.

Crisp Canvas Ketubahs

couple signing All My Love - Gold Ketubah by Michelle Rummel
From bride, Laura featuring All My Love – Gold Ketubah

The original artwork is often painted onto canvas and now your ketubah can be revived on the same stock so that it has the exact appearance of an original piece of art (for a fraction of the cost). This gives the artwork a vibrant and glossy finish. Canvas ketubahs are offered by independent artist Nava Shoham and You should be given the option to have the canvas stretched over a frame, creating an authentic look and can be displayed in your new home the day after your wedding. Canvas ketubahs can also be left unstretched and the finish will still shine from behind a glass frame. Canvas ketubahs are a popular option that showcase your ketubah as artwork rather than just a “wedding document”.

Translucent Washi Paper

Double Happiness Ketubah in Washi Paper by Michelle Rummel
Photography by Shane Gray featuring Double Happiness Ketubah

Washi paper is a new and exciting print stock available for ketubah printing. The delicate Japanese Washi paper is embedded with silk threads within the paper giving it authentic oriental quality and style. The texture this creates is incredibly fine and crystalline, giving the artwork a speciality and gentle appearance.

Opulent Papercuts

Paper cut and laser cut ketubahs are commonly made of a thinner texture paper so that it can cut well and lay flat against the colored background. They can be especially fragile depending on how intricate the design of the papercut is and should be treated with extreme care until it is framed. Artists are getting more creative to find ways to personalize papercuts by adding your names, wedding date or a favorite phrase. It is the delicacy and intricacies that gives these ketubahs their timeless beauty and elegance.

Fill In The Blanks

fill in personalization Katagami - Indigo Ketubah
Photography by Mikkel Paige featuring an unpersonalized Katagami – Indigo Ketubah

Ketubah’s can be left unpersonalized, leaving space for names and the wedding date to be filled in by hand. These ketubahs are printed on a smoother paper that is for fine art and acid free, 100% cotton fiber content, pH-neutral paper, just like standard ketubah paper, however it is sleek and smooth so that calligraphers and rabbis can easily write on it.

Arches Paper

arches paper for ketubahs
Photography by Shane Gray

Arches paper is the ideal paper stock for couples looking to do their ketubah artwork themselves or have done it by someone else. It is preferred so that they can create the most custom and personalized ketubah artwork for you, your friend or sibling. It is the ideal stock for artists painting by hand. Arches paper is high quality, air-dried paper that is 100% cotton fiber content, acid-free, pH-neutral, gelatin-sized and is highly valued for its durability making it ideal for a lifelong heirloom.

Now that you have a total understanding of the ketubah stocks you can get to the fun part: picking your ketubah.

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