Ketubahs Fit For A Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has us imagining every detail. There were rumors that Meghan was actually a Jewish convert and although that proved false we still thought, “what Ketubah would Meghan and Harry choose?” Here’s our list of Ketubahs Fit For A Royal Wedding.

Sasson Papercut Luxe – Sand Weave Ketubah

When we think Royal we think elegance, and of course, diamonds and tiaras. Our first choice is the Sasson Papercut Luxe – Sand Weave Ketubah which has a blush tint to it. The non-Luxe version of this Ketubah at Melissa and William’s wedding in Paris is filled with Royal Wedding inspiration.

Artist Susanne McGinnis designed this ketubah inspired by the palatial carpets that adorn royal domiciles like the one Meghan and Harry will settle into. This ketubah is meant to be displayed in one’s home as an eternal reminder of the marriage bond and the ancient ceremonial values of honor, respect, and fidelity.

Royal Wedding Ketubah

If a Ketubah has “Princess” in the title it’s got to be on the list. The Stunning Henna Princess Papercut – Arctica Ketubah is inspired by the delicate and exquisite henna drawn onto the hands and feet of Moroccan brides.

Henna Princess Papercut Ketubah
Buckingham Palace

The Lotus Gate Papercut Ketubah reminds us of the gates of Buckingham Palace. The papercut gates incorporate three meaningful elements: the Star of David, the heart, and the flower of eternal life – the lotus. Gold accents adorn the wings of the gate that welcomes you to your married life, and the flames of the candles that symbolize the sanctity of your covenant.

Lotus Gate Papercut Ketubah

The Romanza Ketubah always reminds us of a Royal Couple. We have elevated this design into papercut but for a truly royal couple 3D is the way to go.

Romanza 3D Ketubah

Versailles might be in France but the design elements are truly royal. It Evokes the splendor and magnificence of any palace fit for any royal couple.

Versailles Ketubah

We can’t wait to see every royal wedding detail. Kate Middleton reset the trend of modesty in bridal wear. What trends with Meghan and Harry set?


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