Top 10 Ketubahs of 2017

It is hard to believe another year is coming to an end. 2017 was a year of creative growth for us here at We expanded our catalogue of ketubah designs, added mini samples for papercuts, hit 1K followers on Instagram, and we are so close to 2K on Facebook! Every year we look at which ketubahs maintain their popularity and which newcomers join the ranks.

Claudia Oshry chose OT Papercut Ketubah Photography by Anthony Vazquez Photography

There are so many designs that we cherish but these are the top 10 (/11) that you, our customers, mothers of brides and grooms, families and friends, loved the most. It is amazing to see the variety of styles that so many diverse couples gravitate towards. From traditional with elements that go back decades to digital design work. We are honored to make them available to couples all over the world. Artists continue to create, innovate and be inspired. Some artists expand where their designs take them (we see you Michelle Rummel!) while still allowing couples to have their designs in their weddings and their homes. With that (in no particular order) we give you…

Our Top 10 Ketubahs of 2017

Four Seasons Ketubah

Four Seasons Ketubah Photography by Luminous Weddings

Jessica Kraft’s Four Seasons makes the list every year and 2017 was no exception. We especially loved seeing this design in canvas from customers.

Sasson Papercut Ketubah

Sasson Papercut – Light Blue Violet Ketubah

Enya Keshet’s designs have quickly become some of our most beloved. The Sasson Papercut Ketubah was so popular it took two slots on the list so we decided to combine them into 1. The leading color choices were Light Blue/Violet and Sand Weave. Papercuts are always fashionable but something about this intricate design and the mix of classic and modern elements made it a favorite among customers.

Blue Forest Ketubah

Blue Forest Ketubah

Judith Joseph’s Blue Forest Ketubah is a repeat winner with couples. Trees are always a favored theme in ketubah art. (Read more about it here) With Blue Forest’s painterly composition it hasn’t gone out of style.

DIY Ketubahs

DIY Ketubah by @ybryksenkova

There are a variety of reasons for why DIY Ketubahs have become so prominent: knew couples may want a more personalized, custom piece of art for their ketubah but in addition to the price of the commissioned artwork plus the cost of a calligrapher, it can get $$$.

What if your artist doesn’t know Hebrew letters? There are artists who have not made art their primary profession but want to gift a ketubah to a loved one or friend. The reasons are endless and so is the artistic license these DIY Ketubahs allow for artists to create beautiful and unique ketubahs. Arches® paper is preferred amongst printers and artists so of course it’s the paper of choice for our ketubahs. To read about and see more of these DIY ketubahs here.

Cloud 9 Periwinkle Ketubah

Periwinkle Papercut Ketubah

Cloud 9 Periwinkle Ketubah by Enya Keshet has become a hot seller in recently. Before it made its web series debut in Soon By You, it was popping up in all types of Jewish weddings from Orthodox, Reform to Interfaith. This papercut design and it’s availability in multiple shades has made it a welcomed newcomer to our Top 10 list. We wonder – will it be on the list next year?

Photography by Hudson Taylor

Rainbow Tree Ketubah

Featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding Photography by Michael Justin Studios

The Rainbow Tree Ketubah combines Nava Shoham’s psychedelic design with trees. We are so excited that she has created a papercut version!

Rainbow Tree Ketubah

I Carry Your Heart II Ketubah

Another tree ketubah (are you noticing a pattern?) I Carry Your Heart II Ketubah‘s earthy tones touches couples planting their roots to start their own family trees together.

I Carry Your Heart II Ketubah

Supernova Confetti Ketubah

Supernova Confetti Ketubah

Supernova Confetti Ketubah, available now in 3D, truly bursts from the frame. It’s watercolor meets the cosmos – a match made in heaven!

Trees of Life – Gold Ketubah

Bride signing Trees of Life – Gold Ketubah featured on Smashing The Glass

A traditional and classic ketubah we are proud to still have the Trees of Life Gold Ketubah available no matter how many years go by. This ketubah has multiple elements we know everyone loves; trees, “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine” at the top, flecks of gold, and it comes in a variety of text options for every Jewish wedding.

Infinity of Love Ketubah

Infinity of Love – Lapis Blue ketubah

Now you can get Michelle Rummel’s Infinity of Love Ketubah and match your invitation for your nuptials. We have loved, and shepped nachas (yiddish/Jewish for “brings us joy and pride”), watching Rummel’s designs grow into your homes with her extensive line of sheets, accessories and now fabrics. See the full line of invitations here.

Bursting With New Designs

Ketubah artists pushed their talents. From Nava Shoham creating papercut ketubahs like East Papercut Ketubah available in Blue and Orange to Temma Gentles bending our minds with this Mosaic Arch Ketubah.

Mosaic Arch Ketubah

A new papercut from the always talented Israeli artist Danny Azoulay called Azure Papercut. And Enya Keshet debuted more new ketubahs than ever! Which might explain why she snagged 3 spots on our list.

We never got tired of seeing our ketubahs in fabulous weddings from all around the world. We were featured on Inside Weddings, Smashing the Glass, Martha Stewart Weddings, Modern Jewish Wedding and more. Couples shared their wedding photos, and where they decided to display their ketubah in their newlywed homes after the wedding, on Facebook, Instagram and directly emailing us (

Just wait to see what we have in-store for 2018!

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