Jan 27

Ketubah of the Day

Etz Chayim Hee Ketubah

by Mat Tonti

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Ketubah Description

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Two words can be used to describe this Ketubah: Simple and Bold. As love too should be. The simple love needs no reminder. To look in your Partners eyes, and to forever remember your soul connection. Bold love is needed to nourish the relationship. The phrase Etz Chayim Hee can be translated as “She is a Tree of life”. Though the Torah is often referred to by this phrase, the love of two people also applies. Love needs constant nourishment, and tending to. In response, it will blossom untold amounts of sweet fruits that will sustain a couple throughout their life together

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Mat Tonti is a teacher and an artist who strives to make art that is inspirational and educational, including Ketubot, comics, and illustrations. When not teaching, or making art, he can be found playing with his two beautiful daughters in the woods.