Feb 21

Ketubah of the Day

Family Tree Ketubah

by Susan Cone Porges

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Ketubah Description

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This family tree design, painted originally in soft pastels as part of the new “Pastel Series”, by Susan Cone Porges, allows the couple to include their family members in their ketubah. Nestled in the foliage on top are small open areas of light, meant to be inscribed by hand with the names of loved ones. It’s a wonderful way to keep parents, grandparents, or even children close and a part of the tradition of the ketubah.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Ohio artist/calligrapher, Susan Cone Porges, combines her passion for drawing and painting with her love of letters. A graduate of Mass. College of Art, with a BFA in Printmaking, Susan spent the past 25 years designing original “calli”graphics for corporate and individual clients. Susan also designs Ketubot. In addition to her commercial work, Susan spends much of her time painting in both oils and watercolors, lending her keen sense of design and color to rich florals and landscapes. Susan teaches drawing and calligraphy and exhibits regularly in galleries, art shows, and craft exhibitions.