Jul 29

Ketubah of the Day

Hamsa (Rummel) Ketubah

by Michelle Rummel

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Ketubah Description

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Typically, the Hamsa design, a symbol of the hand with five fingers, was worn as an amulet for protection. Michelle Rummel's Hamsa II Ketubah takes its design cues from Song of Songs and features some of her most popular symbolic biblical imagery; Flowing landscapes represent your journeys, past, present and future. Generational circles represent family. Butterflies represent individual freedom. Fish and water elements represent fertility blessings and life. The whimsical flowers represent joyful celebrations. Trees represent strength and wisdom and the seasons of your life.

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Michelle Rummel is proud to offer these exceptionally designed Ketubot that embody the journey of life and love. Celebrating the joy of color and creation, her designs appeal to modern couples desiring a Ketubah as unique as their love. Well known for her unique, clean style, an artist’s eye for color, texture and form, and a gift for poetic wordplay, Michelle enjoys a loyal following not only for her Ketubot but also for her award-winning fine art which can be found exhibited at juried shows, as well as in personal and corporate art collections.