Apr 29

Ketubah of the Day

Henna Hands Ketubah

by Judith Joseph

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Ketubah Description

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In some exotic places in the world, the bride ornaments her hands with intricate henna designs to celebrate her marriage. In this Henna Hands Ketubah, the joyous designs encircling the Ketubah have over-spilled their bounds, to glow upon the hands of the bride and groom as they reach for each other. Floating atop the exuberant painting is a hamsa for good luck, flanked by doves of peace and a tree of life.

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Judith Joseph has been making ketubot since the revival of the art form in the early 1970’s. She has made over 450 original, hand-lettered and hand-painted, personalized ketubot. She has a degree in art from the University of Wisconsin and has twice been awarded Artists’ Fellowship Awards from the Illinois Arts Council. She is a published illustrator and her work was written about in many books about Jewish art. She lives in the Chicago area, and teaches painting at the Botanic Garden. Her ketubah art has never before been available in print form, and she chose Ketubah.com for its debut.