Sep 29

Ketubah of the Day

Jerusalem Oriental Arch Ketubah

by Sivia Katz

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Ketubah Description

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This ketubah draws on the innovative photocollage technique in its design. An archway in center city Jerusalem is transposed to an abstract path to the future, using the colors of sky, grass, royalty and stone, with a joyful swirling motif of the 19th century ironwork that is seen all over the city.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Sivia Katz has created original Ketubot, special commission, and calligraphic watercolors since 1972. Her paintings, based on Hebrew texts, combine the subtlety of contemporary color and design with the warmth of nature and the lyrical grace of the Hebrew letter. Her works have been presented to former U.S. President Jimmy Carter as well as to congregations, Rabbis and community leaders. They are exhibited in museums and galleries throughout America and Israel.