Feb 12

Ketubah of the Day

Life Path - Sand/Oak/Goldenrod Ketubah

by Robert Saslow

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Ketubah Description

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Our relationship is a lifelong journey, a stroll along life’s path through love’s garden. It is filled with discoveries and experiences as diverse in size and shape as the stones forming the foundation at our feet, and enriched by emotions as varied in color and intensity as the sensual world we encounter together along the way. The colors of this piece and each of its five companion variations inspired titles consisting of a path material, a tree, and a flower or herb to evoke the richness of a garden walk.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Robert Saslow is a Los Angeles-based designer who comes from a family of artists. He has a degree in 2-dimensional art and has worked for the Jewish community since 1980. He has been making original ketubot since 1983, and has had several of his pieces displayed.