Feb 26

Ketubah of the Day

Love is in the Air Ketubah

by Baruch Sienna

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Ketubah Description

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This Ketubah is whimsically decorated with three simple images that encompass a couple's married life: the Jewish home the couple is building, a moon that marks the holidays of the Jewish year and measures their time together, and the couple floating in a hot air balloon embarking on the ride of a lifetime!  Even if you aren't planning on travelling around the world for your honeymoon, life is often described as a journey. Instead of attempting to graphically represent a couple's love or values, this ketubah's illustration focuses on the process of a lifetime of love: like a hot air balloon ride, one hopes the flight will be uplifting, and will have a soft landing.   A hot air balloon ride can be romantic, magical, (occasionally bumpy) or even at times a little scary. Unlike most other forms of transportation, the final destination of a hot air balloon is uncertain. The pilot does his/her best to navigate, but the wind cannot be predicted exactly. So too, a couple makes the commitment to share in life's joys and challenges. Once airborne, one sees the landscape below with a different perspective. And a hot air balloon ride is always best when done with someone you love. 

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Baruch Sienna is a Jewish digital artist with a love of letters and languages. He began his artistic career as a calligrapher, creating handmade, one of a kind Ketubot. After becoming interested in using digital technology for design, he was one of the first people to create Hebrew fonts on the original Macintosh computer and now designs and typesets Hebrew and English books and prayerbooks, graphic posters, and logos. Baruch is the founder of Work of Heart prayerbooks and alephtechnology.com. Returning to ketubah design is an opportunity for Baruch to utilize his background as a designer and Jewish educator to create fresh approaches to the traditional marriage contract.