Mar 1

Ketubah of the Day

Love's Four Seasons Ketubah

by Diane Sidenberg

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Ketubah Description

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This Ketubah includes the four seasons, since love moves seamlessly through spring-new beginnings, summer... traditions and easiness, autumn... some challenges and winter- eternal and peaceful.  The twin trees represent two souls being joined forever and the roots are symbolic of the strong basis of a marriage that endures through the four seasons each and every year.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Diane Sidenberg is a Toronto-based watercolor artist and sculptor who has been creating Judaica since 1985. Her artwork has been commissioned by Toronto Jewish Federation and various synagogues. Drawing and painting has been a life-long passion. Currently, Diane enjoys painting custom Ketubot and designing and painting Judaica of every kind. This marries her love of painting and her love of her Jewish heritage. Her hallmark is bright and vibrant color, often in the form of stained glass, collage and mosaics. However, her style is capable of being eclectic and varied.