Nov 8

Ketubah of the Day

Loving Connections Ketubah

by Dafna Jalon

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Ketubah Description

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Two trees stretch towards each other, bending protectively over the circle of the text that binds them together while, simultaneously, reaching for the swirling lights in the sky above. These vibrant stained-glass images symbolize a union which encourages both individual and mutual growth within the enduring circle of a couple's love.

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Dafna Jalon, a Toronto based artist, teaches in an arts curriculum school. She has been teaching integrated arts for the last eleven years. Dafna created her first ketubah for her sister’s wedding, and has worked on a variety of ketubot and other Judaic inspired works ever since. Her work, using mixed media and digital art tools, has been inspired by modern stained glass motifs. Her art features nature and biblical themes, and is remarkable for its vivid colours, organic flow and dynamism.