Sep 9

Ketubah of the Day

Luck and Blessing (Mazal Ubrachah) Ketubah

by Moshe Mikanovsky

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Ketubah Description

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Two frames, internal and external, connected to each other, represent the inner and outer worlds of the bride and groom, now joined and attached to each other, sharing the same destiny. Under the frames, large colorful areas of warm lively oranges and cold relaxing greens are like carpet and grass for a Chamsa, a good luck charm, and two floral tiles, each uniquely drawn, completing each other for one unified pattern.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Moshe Mikanovsky is a self taught artist, who works in many media including watercolors, acrylic, printmaking and stained glass. His vibrant and colorful style is influenced by art, architecture, Judaica and the variety of materials he uses. Moshe created his first Ketubah in 1995 for his wife. Since then he created many more for family and friends. Moshe’s versatility in art also includes the creation of Holy Ark, web, graphic and brand designs, as well as pottery pieces. Moshe was born and raised in Israel. He is currently living happily with his wife and 3 girls in Toronto, Canada.