Sep 5

Ketubah of the Day

Medieval Illumination - Kadima Ketubah

by Me'irah Iliinsky

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Ketubah Description

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This lyrical design is inspired by a page from a late 13th C. Egyptian Koran from an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York entitled “The Islamic World.” It is a familiar motif from the manuscripts of this era. Throughout Jewish history, Diaspora Jews folded much from the surrounding cultures into the Jewish milieu, and gave those elements a Jewish flavor. Using this design on a Ketubah continues that tradition. Kadima means eastward. These spicy cinnamon colors recall the mysteries of the far east.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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As an artist and rabbi, Me'irah brings depth and beauty to her Judaica paintings. A painter, craftswoman, and textile artist all her life, she embarked on serious study of her Jewish heritage only as an adult, enabling her to bring a mature perspective to the sacred canon. Her mission is "Visual Access to Sacred Texts." My hope is that my art invites you to 'live inside the Jewish paradigm' which has so enriched my own life." She has been influenced by Ze'ev Raban, Alexander Bilibin, and William Morris, as well as the medieval scribes who illuminated prayer books and bibles with ornamentation and gold. She is an ardent proponent of hiddur mitzvah, the holy work beautifying a mitzvah. In this way, she honors the Great Mystery which satisfies our longing for nourishment of the soul.