Feb 1

Ketubah of the Day

Nature's Canopy Ketubah

by Linda Frimer

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Ketubah Description

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Through our lifetime we carve two pathways. One, a universal shared pathway in our natural world, with shared cultural and community awareness. This pathway is carved with others. The other pathway is a personal journey unknown even to us, becoming discovered in the process of living. This we carve in our unique individual journey through creation, clearing our way through the forest of existence, marking our path, finding our meaning and creating clearings.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Linda Dayan Frimer is an acclaimed Vancouver artist who has been intimately involved in world, Jewish, and Canadian national, cultural artistic pursuits. She creates commemorative, educational, cultural, and esthetically moving artistic works. Since 1982, her paintings have formed a part of many significant collections and have benefited countless organizations. These include The Vancouver Art Gallery, Canadian Cancer Society, Simon Wiesenthal Centre and Jewish Women International. Linda’s artistic vision is continuously evoked by the vital inseparable forces of nature and culture.