Oct 6

Ketubah of the Day

Parting of the Waters Ketubah

by Adam Rhine

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Ketubah Description

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Of all the miracles chronicled in the Torah, the one that is perhaps most dramatic is the Parting of the Waters at the Sea of Reeds. With the Egyptian army swiftly descending on the newly freed nation of Israel, G-d, through his servant Moses, parts the water and allows over a million people to cross safely on dry land. This painting is an abstract representation of the magnificence of the event. Blue waves are parted by a Magen David of orange flames, flames that recall the angel that lit the way for the Jews in the desert.

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Adam Rhine has been creating ornate, highly detailed Judaica watercolor paintings since 1999. His style is heavily influenced by medieval illuminated manuscripts which he combines with modern palettes and aesthetics. Adam graduated with a BFA in Commercial Illustration from Northern Illinois University. He has animated educational videos, coordinated the 2D/3D animation department for a video game company, and executed website designs for major corporations. He is a member of the American Guild of Judaica Art. His designs have been featured on the covers of many Jewish magazines.