Jan 2

Ketubah of the Day

Regal Peacocks Ketubah

by Tinak

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Ketubah Description

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Long a symbol of beauty, prosperity, and class, Peacocks always seem to have a quite grace that surrounds them. As Team Ketubah sat down to create a Ketubah that was both modern and traditional, the Peacock as the natural choice as one of the most beautiful and regal creatures, celebrated across cultures and times. The Regal Peacocks Ketubah depicts a male and female couple in their habitat, intimate yet independent. Each displays their beauty as they look onward together, as their colors celebrate the joy of wedding day.

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Tinak is a collective of Argentine and New York Jewish artists who combine their passion for ancient Jewish traditions with their ├╝ber-modern art styles. Their over-the-top ketubot began a modern art ketubah movement in Argentina, which is now spreading to the USA. They love every moment of what they do -- and this shows in their art. They were founded with Tzedakah in mind, donating their profits to Argentina's Jewish orphanages.