Jul 10

Ketubah of the Day

Rose Window Ketubah

by Amy Fagin

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Ketubah Description

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This design is based on the traditional stained glass architecture found in historic sanctuaries. The central panel is an abstract kaleidoscopic shape with a Mogen David center point. Its sunburst expansion invites one to contemplate the essence of growth. In a canopy above the center panel wild roses intertwine in the living symbol of a chuppah. Adorning the supporting panels two trees of life stand as testimony to the fruitful outcome of this happy covenant.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Amy Fagin's finely crafted illuminated ketubot reflect a broad spectrum of inspired designs. Her compositions incorporate an intellectual curiosity with a sinuous arrangement of space, pattern, symbolism and representational imagery. Her signature line of "Contemporary Ketubot" are exuberant, multi layered and thematically inspired compositions. Her "Heritage Ketubah" series reflects a new vein of inspiration for Amy which draws on the enormous diversity of cultural expression of Jewish heritage in communities world wide. Her "Miniature Ketubot" series are inspirations which are designed for couples whose taste in ketubah illumination reflects a more personal expression. These delicate miniature compositions are especially well suited for anniversary occasions. Ms Fagin's work stands out for its sophisticated yet inviting compositions designed for lifetime of appreciation.