Jan 10

Ketubah of the Day

Seasonal Trees Ketubah

by Tinak

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Ketubah Description

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The Seasonal Trees Ketubah exhibits a beautiful detailed design with striking, vibrant tones. Each tree shows a different color, thus representing a different season. The warmth of the red and yellow meets and blends beautifully with the crisp shades of green and blue. Each tree blends and interconnects to the other, all meeting together to frame and bring central focus to the Ketubah text. This Ketubah is a beautiful symbol of each season and change of a couples’ life together. Each season distinctly different, but beautiful in their own right. The Seasonal Trees Ketubah is perfect for the couple that wants a unique and significant design, filled with gorgeous color! This work of art will be a stunning reflection of your life, love, and core beliefs.

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Tinak is a collective of Argentine and New York Jewish artists who combine their passion for ancient Jewish traditions with their über-modern art styles. Their over-the-top ketubot began a modern art ketubah movement in Argentina, which is now spreading to the USA. They love every moment of what they do -- and this shows in their art. They were founded with Tzedakah in mind, donating their profits to Argentina's Jewish orphanages.