Mar 9

Ketubah of the Day

Shoshanim Ketubah

by Jamie Shear

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Ketubah Description

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The geometric design, borrowed from a Medieval Italian Ketubah, is coalesced with a gentle floral motif. The arc at the top is from Song of Songs (6:3), I belong to my love, and he belongs to me, he is wandering by the roses.

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Jamie Shear is a skilled scribe focusing on the centuries old tradition of illuminating holy texts. From Montreal, Jamie studied Safrut StaM (the craft of writing Torahs, Tefillin and Mezuzot) in Jerusalem, under the guidance of Chaim David Saracik. In 1996, he received his certification from the Va’ad Mishmeret StaM in B’nei Brak, Israel and since, he has written three Torah scrolls. Jamie completes his work with passion, concentration, and the highest standard of integrity. He captures the spiritual beauty of classic texts and decorates them using an array of mediums and artistic techniques. For Jamie, the intense work of Torah writing is refreshed with a sense of free expressive creativity that ketubah art offers.