Aug 12

Ketubah of the Day

Song of Herat Ketubah

by Laya Crust

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Ketubah Description

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This Ketubah is based on a classic design from 19th century Herat, Afghanistan. Within the upper arches, exotic birds and biblical instruments are depicted. The arches and the medallions at the base also contain Israeli fruits and flowers. The two panels bordering the text display wildflowers that are found throughout the country. Inscribed within the outer border is a quote from the Song of Songs (Shir Ha-Shirim): "My Beloved called and said to me, "Arise my love, my fair one, and come away. For lo, the winter is over, the rain is past and gone, the flowers appear on the earth, the time of song has come..."

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Laya Crust was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, where she studied drafting and interior design. She is an accomplished lithographer and calligrapher who draws on her formal schooling as well as experiences in Canada and Israel to create her beautiful designs. Laya has printed and bound 3 books of lithographs, illustrated several children’s songs and illustrated and calligraphed "The Book of Ruth" in Hebrew. Since the marriage of a close friend in 1980, she has created over 400 ketubot, most of them original designs. Laya lives happily in Toronto with her husband and 6 children.