Feb 11

Ketubah of the Day

Song of Songs - 3D Version (Rosenstein) Ketubah

by Mordechai Rosenstein

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Ketubah Description

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NEW! Stunning 3D version! Comes framed- easy to sign. The idea of renewal and continuity is represented by a large blossom. The jewel tones speak of tradition and a desire to create something of everlasting value.

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The Hebrew alphabet is the essence of the art of M. Rosenstein. His love of these forms is evident in every piece he creates. His vibrant shapes and colors enhance synagogues, tapestries, paintings and murals. This unique style evolved as a result of various influences. He is a member of the first graduating class of Akiba Hebrew Academy. While studying at the Philadelphia College of Art, Abstract Expressionist professor Franz Kline profoundly influenced him. By uniting his interests in Judaica and painting, Rosenstein has given a contemporary meaning to the art of Hebrew calligraphy.