Dec 30

Ketubah of the Day

Sunrise (Kraft) Ketubah

by Jessica Kraft

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Ketubah Description

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A welcoming, intricate tree of life spreads its branches against a vibrant magenta sunrise under the famous saying from Song of Songs: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” The tree’s multi-colored trunk sprouts from a subtle heart shape, resting upon intertwined vines and flowers that frame the text. Two birds take flight from the tree, symbolizing the long, loving journey of the bride and groom.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Jessica Carew Kraft is an artist, writer and educator based in San Francisco, CA. She studied art and anthropology at Swarthmore College, Yale University and the University of London. As a Dorot Fellow in Jerusalem, Jessica became interested in Jewish art history and the global Diaspora of Judaic creativity. Her artistic mission is to infuse new Judaic designs with the inspiration of contemporary art. She currently makes Ketubot, greeting cards and public murals, and teaches at two colleges in the Bay Area.