Jan 28

Ketubah of the Day

The Acqui Ketubah

by Ze'ev

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Ketubah Description

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An adaptation of the renowned 'Ketubah of Acqui', this treasured work of art is framed by two calligraphic borders in Hebrew, richly decorated with colorful flower and leaf patterns of 18th century Italy. The 'Acqui' reflects a subtle blending of Ashkenazic Europe with the distinct style of Jewish communities of Sephardic origin. Owning this surrealistic work of art is truly owning a piece of history - a family heirloom for many generations.

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A graduate of Yeshiva University Talmudic Academy of New York City, Ze’ev has been creating unique Judaic art for over 20 years. His artwork imparts a special combination of surrealism and old world flavor.