Apr 29

Ketubah of the Day

The Circle of Time Ketubah

by Naomi Teplow

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Time passes, the seasons flow, everything around us turns and changes with the vicissitudes of life, but the union established in marriage, the creation of a new, loving family and home, provide stability, steadfastness and strength. The cycle of the months is represented by the Zodiac, which may also suggest certain values and blessings for the marriage, for example: balance (Tishrei); brotherly love, peace and friendship (Sivan); strength and action (Kislev, Av); softness and tenderness (Nisan); youth and purity (Elul); fruitfulness (Adar); hard work (Iyar); and growth and renewal (Shvat).

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Naomi Teplow has been making Ketubot and illustrated manuscripts since 1983. Her style is influenced by old European manuscripts and Persian miniatures with their strong, rich colors, detailed natural scenes and elaborate floral and geometrical designs. Her medium is primarily gouache on paper or parchment. Ms. Teplow has participated in numerous group shows, and her 1995 Song of Songs series of paintings and illuminated texts were exhibited in the Berkeley Jewish Community Center in 1996.