Feb 18

Ketubah of the Day

The Fabrics of Our Lives Ketubah

by Veronique Jonas

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Ketubah Description

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In this Chagal inspired Ketubah, a bride and groom float toward each other, in love and hope. They are the threads that will hold the beautiful and intricate fabrics of life together. Two trees, representing the bride and groom, stand strong and tall, intertwining with love and joy. The small branches reach out poetically and musically, like embroidery thread, toward a happy future. Two lovebirds are perched on one of these branches, enjoying the light of a bright and glorious moon.

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Ketubah Artist Bio

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Veronique Jonas (nee Soriano) was born in Lubumbashi, Zaire, presently the Republic of Congo. She has a B.A. from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Veronique now resides in Dallas, Texas. She taught art to students of the Solomon Schechter Academy of Dallas for 18 years. Veronique is primarily a Judaic artist working in oils and watercolors. Among her commissioned works are pieces done for Cong Shearith Israel in Dallas, Jewish Federation, Jewish Family Service, Solomon Schechter Academy and numerous private individuals. She has been creating custom Ketubahs for the past 5 years.