Feb 6

Ketubah of the Day

The Love Song - Blue Ketubah

by Debra Band

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Intense color and pattern entangle with waves of micrographic text presenting the full text of the Song of Songs in your Ketubah. The painting presents geometric and floral motifs drawn from art and architecture of the Sephardic world while the papercut design presents imagery of roses and lilies. The lapis blue painting of doves flying toward one another atop the text calls to mind ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian bas-relief carvings; its symbolism draws upon the ancient rabbinic comparison of the dove’s gentleness to Israel’s relationship to God.

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Debra Band holds an M.A. in political science from MIT, and a B.A. honors degree in history (with a minor is studio art). Her Ketubot and Judaic artwork draw on her love of Jewish tradition and learning. Her work is informed by her extensive study of Jewish texts and research into medieval European and Middle Eastern painting and manuscripts. Having lived in many places across North America, Debra now lives on the West Coast with her husband, sons and considerable menagerie.