Feb 17

Ketubah of the Day

Toggim - Black on White Ketubah

by Mat Tonti

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Ketubah Description

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There is a midrash that Moses was speaking to G-d, and asked him what He was putting on the letters of the Torah. G-d responded that he was placing crowns on the letters. These crowns (known as Toggim in Hebrew) would serve as mysteries for future generations to unlock. That notion of mystery is conveyed in this piece as the toggim, and designs dance around each other. So to should marriage dance and swirl and be celebrated as an unfolding mystery. This piece is available with an olive green back drop, or a bold black backdrop.

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Mat Tonti is a teacher and an artist who strives to make art that is inspirational and educational, including Ketubot, comics, and illustrations. When not teaching, or making art, he can be found playing with his two beautiful daughters in the woods.