Aug 12

Ketubah of the Day

When the Day Blows Gently - Teal Ketubah

by Debra Band

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The artwork is designed to capture the excitement of the joy and intimacy of a passionate marriage. The landscape surrounding the Ketubah text presents an Eden-like view of the lovers’ world. The papercut presents a motif of Jerusalem rooftops under a sky filled with forty stars, a number meaning “many” across the Hebrew Bible. The band of Hebrew and English text surrounding the artwork is drawn from The Song of Songs 2:17: When the day blows gently And the shadows flee, Set out, my beloved, like a gazelle Or a young stag, For the hills of spice.

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Debra Band holds an M.A. in political science from MIT, and a B.A. honors degree in history (with a minor is studio art). Her Ketubot and Judaic artwork draw on her love of Jewish tradition and learning. Her work is informed by her extensive study of Jewish texts and research into medieval European and Middle Eastern painting and manuscripts. Having lived in many places across North America, Debra now lives on the West Coast with her husband, sons and considerable menagerie.