Aug 28

Ketubah of the Day

Yael Ketubah

by Tamar Messer

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Ketubah Description

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This Ketubah is imbued with romanticism which visually embodies the message of the verse on which it is based: "Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it." (Song of Songs: Chapter 8, Verse 7). Water is the symbol of the source of life in all literary texts. The scarcity of water is used to express the fact that even this valuable liquid, used in large quantities in order to attempt to quench love, is destined to failure, because the love of this future married couple is stronger than ever.

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Tamar Messer is a well-known and loved Israeli artist. The distinct, vivid colorful style of her work draws upon a spirit of vitality that speaks directly to the hearts of the young and young at heart. Tamar’s work has been exhibited in numerous group and single exhibitions, among them a long-term exhibition in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Her work represented the State of Israel in an international exhibition in London (2000) and won the first prize. Tamar’s career as an illustrator has included book illustration as well as work done for Israel’s leading newspapers. In addition to her work as an artist, Tamar leads a new generation of young artists as lecturer at one of the most prestigious art and design schools in Israel.