Feb 28

Ketubah of the Day

Zion Ketubah

by Ruth Rudin

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Ketubah Description

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The lively Ketubah locates the text in the center of a circle, which is composed of a stylized evocation of Jerusalem. This design highlights the significance of Jerusalem and Israel in Jewish life and, by placing the nuptial text in the center of such imagery, emphasizes that the new home the couple will form will be found within the community of Israel.

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Born in Haifa, Israel, Ruth Rudin’s art career started early. She has studied extensively both in Israel and in the United States. Ruth’s works have ranged from logo designs to theatrical backdrops, as well as illustration and calligraphy. Vibrant and original. Ruth’s artworks often include Judaic themes and Israeli landscapes and cityscapes and are created in many media including watercolor, ink, fabric paint and gouache.