Introducing the Personalized Papercut Collection,
a unique new line of laser cut Ketubahs personalized just for you.

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This collection has your name on it

Another first from

Each design in this exclusive collection is laser cut just for you with your names and wedding date cut right into the design. If desired, there is even an option to include a favorite phrase. Any papercut Ketubah can have a personalized text, but only Personalized Papercut Ketubahs have your name and wedding date tastefully incorporated into the design itself.

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Exquisitely unique, just like the
two of you

A Papercut that is custom cut just for you

Personalized Papercut Ketubahs are lovingly produced to archival standards - one at a time. Your Ketubah represents your promise to each other for always, and allows you honor that promise with a one-of-a-kind heirloom.

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A timeless tradition arrives in
the 21st century

Highlight your wedding date for always

Papercutting has been a traditional Jewish artform for Ketubah decoration since the Middle Ages. The 20th century saw a renaissance of this elegant handcraft. Today, thanks to advances in artisanal lasercutting, the best day of your life (your wedding date!) can be remembered for always as an integral part of your Personalized Papercut Ketubah.

View Personalized Papercut Collection Ketubahs

Personalized Papercut Ketubah Samples

Fulfillment Personalized Papercut - Navy Blue Ketubah Wedding Gate Personalized Papercut - Light Blue Ketubah Cycles of Life Personalized Papercut - Sand Weave Ketubah Sea of Love Personalized Papercut Ketubah