How do I choose the right text?

We highly recommend consulting with your wedding officiant before selecting a Ketubah text. Many rabbis, cantors and officiants prefer or require a certain type of text. If you are placing your order online, you can print up a copy of your Ketubah text from our website. Should you order with us by phone, we will fax or email you a copy of your Ketubah text. No matter how you order, we definitely suggest you forward the text to your wedding officiant. This small pre-wedding task will save you from any concern on your wedding day - you will be guaranteed that you have the ketubah text you need.

Although our Ketubah texts are grouped together in specific categories (e.g. Orthodox with English, Conservative no English, Reform etc.), it is important to remember that each artist uses their own version of each text. Thus, you must read through the texts carefully and ensure you are choosing the best one for you and your wedding officiant.

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