Introducing our new line of color it yourself designs.

Few of us can be great artists but Color It Yourself designs allows you to add your personal style to the wedding.

The popularity of coloring pages attests to just how meditative and enjoyable most people find the activity of coloring. Our designers have created beautiful line art so that you can decorate the ketubah with your favorite colors and make it one-of-a-kind.

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We offer both simple and more complex designs to suit various styles.

Our Zen Color Ketubah designs are all printed on the finest archival quality, watercolor paper so that your design will not fade and you can enjoy your ketubah forever. Included with the print is a set of 12 Prismacolor® Premier artist quality colored pencils.

View Zen Coloring Ketubahs

We want you to enjoy creating your own Color It Yourself ketubah.

Coloring the ketubah can serve as a de-stressing activity for the bride or groom. The completed design can be a 'handmade' wedding gift, a great activity for a bridal shower or can even be displayed as it is for the ceremony and completed at your convenience after the wedding.

View Zen Coloring Ketubahs

Zen Coloring Ketubah Samples

Tiffany Windows Coloring Ketubah Circlet Coloring Ketubah Gefen Coloring Ketubah Grapevine Coloring Ketubah